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Our Story
Ven-Elger Pet Care Center
  1. "I always feel as if I am taking Jack to his "hotel, spa, vacation, second home." When I drop him off, everyone at Ven-Elger, is welcoming, professional, and all love our animals. I am grateful Ellen has created such a unique and special place for our animals. Thank you Ellen."

    Barbara, "The Dancing Spirit"
    Happy New Year
    Tiverton, RI

  2. "To sum up how much we and our '4' doggies love Ven-Elger & its crew: Our dogs have to be restrained from leaping out of the car each time they arrive at Ven-Elger's doorstop. They always look healthy, trim, & happy upon return. Mike & I refer to V-E, as the 'Doggie Spa'"

    Happy 2009,
    Hope H.

    Little Compton, RI

  3. "We have had a long relationship with Ven-Elger Pet Care Center. There isn't any other place that we would bring our animals for grooming and/or boarding. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Ellen and her staff. When we board 'Zoe', our current pet with them for our six week vacation, we will go away not worrying about our dog. We know that she will receive nothing but the best care given by people who DO care, and if anything arises with her health they will call her veterinarian."

    Charlie & Donna C.
    Tiverton, RI

  4. "Why Ven-Elger Pet Care Center?

    First impression: immaculate, bright, inviting surroundings; followed by a warm, genuine, welcoming by owner, Ellen, and her talented staff.

    I know my four-legged family members are lovingly treated during their stay. For many years, my cocker spaniels, Samantha, Sabrina, and Molly (affectionately referred to as 'the girls') have thoroughly enjoyed their monthly 'Doggy Day Spa.'

    They return to me beautifully groomed, smelling great, and have, obviously, had a wonderful day. Why Ven-Elger Pet Care Center?

    Just ask 'the girls.'"

    Marianne M.
    Westport, MA

  5. "Our 'Zippy' loves to come to Ven-Elger for the excellent grooming and boarding. He wags his tail as he enters Ven-Elger - Always a good sign!"

    John D.
    South Dartmouth, MA

  6. "I highly recommend Ven-Elger Pet Care Center. I have used the boarding and day care as well as their grooming service for the past five years since moving to Tiverton, RI from Barrington, RI. For the first three years I had two dogs that I brought to the kennel. I had a Leonberger and still have a Bernese Mountain dog. They received exceptional care upon each visit.

    The groomer handles BIG dogs very well and 'Gus' is always happy to show up for an overnight, day care, or his day of beauty. The staff all know 'Gus' and treat him very well. I recommend Ven-Elger Pet Care Center without any reservations. I never worry about leaving 'Gus' with the staff, that means a lot to me."

    Colleen S.
    Tiverton, RI

  7. We are happy to endorse the excellent service that Ven-Elger Pet Care Center provides. We are long term users of 15 years and recommend their service enthusiastically.

    Sally & Bill T.
    So. Dartmouth, MA

  8. "Ven-Elger Pet Care Center is "Her ll's" Spa and Resort. Her ll's (alias two) spends a lot of "vacation" time with Ellen and Staff. We are very pleased with its care when she "visits" Ven-Elger. The staff knows and loves the 14 year-old "ll" as do we."

    Jim & Linda
    Westport, MA

How It All Began

Everyone Has a Story This is Ours...

Ellen & Leo Dubreuil

It was many years ago, as a hobby I was breeding & showing Great Danes & Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s.

I married a man who came and bought a Great Dane from my family. Hence the name; VEN=VENTURA, EL=ELLEN, GER=GERRY, which is pronounced VEN ELGER and from then on Ven-Elger Pet Care Center, Inc. became our kennel name.

For as long as I can remember I was involved in the pet world and most of my friends ended up being people who had come to buy puppies from us. They also, were showing and traveling with their children and pets.

We never had a place that I considered clean and comfortable enough to leave our pets, that were staying home, at the same time we were traveling and showing our other pets. Whenever I wasn't traveling I was always dog sitting & grooming my friend’s pets.

As long as I can remember, going back to when I was quite young, I was always grooming dogs. Some things you just learn from hands on experience.

I was in the nursing profession and my husband and I worked separate shifts so one of us would always be home with the children, two and four legged.

One day my husband came home from work with a great idea. He said “Ellen, you are always selling puppies and advising people where to go to purchase certain kinds of food, leashes, collars, crates etc. that we recommend. Why don’t you open your own little shop? You can just open a couple of days a week and see how it goes. You can board and groom other people’s pets in a safe, clean, friendly, homelike environment, which you always wanted to find for your pets.”

And that’s how it all began, in a garage. That’s right, a garage, with a second floor that became my first grooming room and downstairs was the show room, with 5 indoor/outdoor kennels.

My husband passed away shortly after opening the shop.

Strange sometimes how life evolves isn’t it? I got to do something I loved and was home for my two young boys after school every day.

The business continued to grow and grow, to what it is today, a unique state of the art facility, with fifty indoor/outdoor kennels and all the comforts of home.

We strive to be more than a profitable business. Every pet is an individual, and each has different wants and needs than the next.

We give lots of one on one attention whether it is playtime outside fetching a ball, going for a walk, or just spending quiet alone time with them petting, and scratching their tummies.

Our’s is an innovative approach and it works. Nothing is more important to all of us at Ven-Elger than the safety, health, happiness, and well being of your family’s four legged BEST FRIENDS, when you have to be away from home. In other words their home away from home, or as some customer’s call us,

“Camp Ven-Elger - A Special Place”

I married Leo, who loves it at Ven-Elger. His specialty has been to computerize the business, and he helps me keep things running smoothly on a day to day basis, in every aspect of the business.

And so the saga continues...

Ellen Dubreuil

Beloved Pets
Beloved Pets
Lilly Mae, Molly Mae & Jeni Mae
Beloved Pets
Beloved Pets
Molly Mae

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