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Professional Dog & Cat Grooming
Pet grooming area
Our experienced groomers take pride in their work and how your pet looks. Whether a bath, pedicure, or haircut, Ven-Elger's stylists are trained to groom all breeds of cats and dogs to your liking.

We also offer grooming to your pet while it is boarding with us, whether it is a simple bath and a brush out or the works.
Pet grooming area

Dog GroomingAt Ven-Elger Pet Care Center, we strive to provide a comfortable, compassionate, and clean environment for your pet. Through the use of advance techniques, products and continued education, we strive to have the highest quality of style and pet care.

Pet Grooming Includes:

Dog GroomingA complete brush and comb out, pedicure, ears cleaned, and plucked if necessary. Two baths one regular cleaning shampoo, the second can be any kind of shampoo we feel your pets coat needs. Re: Medicated, Oatmeal, Tar and Sulfur, Hypo-Allergenic, all of which are tearless. And finally, a crème rinse, good massage, drying and styling.

Dog GroomingRegular Brushing: Improves your pet's skin tone, their circulation,Pet grooming area makes his coat healthier and more attractive.

Cat grooming is an art in itself. Not many grooming salons do professional cat grooming. At Ven-Elger we have an excellent cat groomer, who has been grooming for 25 plus years. She can do miracles with cats. She does dematting, comb outs, bathing, shave downs, lion cuts etc. Call us at (508) 636-8143 for an appointment.

Grooming Extras

  • Pet grooming areaA Healthy Skin & Coat Hot Oil Treatment - Improves the feel and appearance of your pet's coat and helps to moisturize the skin.
  • A Medicated Bath - Is sometimes needed for soothing, moisturizing, and conditioning of your pet's coat.

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