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Dog Accommodations & Boarding
Dog Boarding - Indoor Kennel

Dog Boarding - Outdoor Kennel

Dog Boarding Includes:

Dog Isolation/Quarantine ServicesYou are charged for the day you bring your pet in, and are not charged for the day you pick up, if you pick up before 11:00 am.

Dog Boarding Rates
Daily Rates - Dog Kennel $28.00
Daily Rates - Dog Day Care $25.00

Multiple Pet Discounts
If you board your pets together there is a discount on the daily rate to $27.00 per dog per day. (Holidays and school vacations excluded).

  • Individualized housing units for each pet which are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Secured individual outdoor exercise area.
  • Food and water bowls are supplied with your food. (We don't like to change diets if at all possible.)
  • 24-hour veterinarian service by Dr. Kimberly Kleinfeld DVM of Home Veterinary Services (617) 947-6766.
  • Play Time provides a chance for your pet to enjoy individualized personal time with one of our staff members in our outside fenced in play area. This area is surrounded by a security fence. And this is a one on one play time with your Pet.

Do you want to go shopping for the day?

Or maybe the repair man is coming to fix the washing machine?

Do you have a long lunch date?

Who's going to take care of the dog?

Our Special Place is just what you need. We'll take care of your pet while you enjoy your day. This allows your dog to have its regular potty breaks, feeding time and medications.

Our Dog & Cat Day Care will help provide this.

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Dog Boarding - Outdoor Kennel Dog Boarding - Outdoor Kennel Aerial View of Facility

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