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Cat Boarding
Cat Boarding

You are charged for the day you bring your pet in, and are not charged for the day you pick up, if you pick up before 11:00 am.

Cat Boarding Rates
Daily Rates (Condo) $25.00
Day Care $22.00

Multiple Pet Discounts
If you board your pets together there is a discount on the daily rate to $24.00 per cat per day. (Holidays and school vacations excluded).

Cat BoardingCats feel cozy in condos (not cages) in a beautiful setting. We are proud of our cat boarding accommodations. Your pet is supplied with two balconies to sleep or relax on, a bed or blanket from home with your scent on it (very important), water, toys and a litter box. We try not to change their diet, so we ask you to supply their own food.

Each guest receives individualized social interaction and playtime with a member of our staff, experienced in feline social needs and desires.Cat Boarding

In addition to these essential cat care accommodations, we guarantee that your cat(s) will enjoy their home away from home, while you are enjoying your vacation or weekend getaway and have peace of mind that your feline family member is being well taken care of until you arrive home again.

Cat BoardingDo you want to go shopping for the day?

Or maybe the repair man is coming to fix the washing machine?

Do you have a long lunch date?

Who's going to take care of the dog?

Our Special Place is just what you need. We'll take care of your pet while you enjoy your day. This allows your dog to have its regular potty breaks, feeding time and medications.

Our Dog & Cat Day Care will help provide this.

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